Are you proud to have a pug, or will you get one soon? You’ve picked out one of the cutest and friendliest dog types. Potty training is essential for all dogs, including pugs, because they need to learn how to use the bathroom outside. I’ll talk about our functional studies and show you how to pug potty training, from when to start to how to deal with the unique problems pugs have with behavior.

If you know what to do and how to do it, potty training your pug should be a snap. No one wants to live in a house that smells like a dog’s bathroom. This guide will teach you everything you need about potty training a pug and give you the tools to keep your home clean and odor-free for you and your furry friend.

When To Start Potty Training A Pug?

When you’re potty training your pug, timing is critical. Puppies, like pugs, have small bladders that must be emptied often. You can begin potty training as early as eight weeks, but take your time. Pug dogs might be unable to control their bladders fully until they are six months old. Being consistent and giving yourself praise are your best friends right now.

Secrets Of Pug Potty Training

These tips will make it easy to train your pug to go to the bathroom outside:

  1. Consistency: Set up a plan for your pug to follow. Take them out at the exact times every day, like right after you eat, drink, or wake up.
  2. Good Behavior: Give them treats and praise when your pug goes to the bathroom outside. This good feedback will help them know what you expect from them.
  3. Cage Training: Give your pug a safe and cozy place to sleep in a cage. Because dogs naturally don’t like to dirty their bed area, boxes are a great way to teach them to go to the bathroom outside.
  4. Supervision: Keep an eye on your pug when it’s inside, especially if it’s not fully trained. If you can’t watch them, keep them in a small area with puppy pads.
  5. Patience: Know that things will go wrong. If your pug makes a mistake, don’t scold it. This can make it scary and confusing.
  6. Regular Feeding Schedule: If you feed your dog simultaneously daily, you can plan for regular potty times. You can get ready if you know when your pug will likely go.
  7. Get Rid of Smells: If your dog has an accident inside, clean it up thoroughly to eliminate the smell because dogs may be drawn to do it again.
  8. Keep an eye out for these signs: Watch how your dog moves. If they sniff, circle, or whine, it could mean they need to go outside.

8 Best Methods For House Training A Pug

  1. Training in a crate: As we already said, crates can help you set limits and keep your pug safe when you can’t watch them.
  2. Puppy pads: Give your pug a place to go inside with puppy pads when you can’t take them outside.
  3. Leash Training: When you take your pug outside, keep them on a leash so you can lead them to the right place to go to the bathroom and control their moves.
  4. Scheduled Bathroom Breaks: Make sure you use the bathroom simultaneously every time so your pug knows when to go.
  5. Positive reinforcement: When your pug goes outside to do its job, give it treats, praise, and lots of love.
  6. Go for walks: Going for walks regularly is a great way to get exercise and use the bathroom.
  7. Cue Words: To help your pug know when to go to the bathroom, use specific words like “potty” or “business.” This can help them connect the order with the deed.
  8. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built overnight, and a well-trained pug won’t either. Be patient and keep up with your training.

Why Are Pugs So Hard to Train?

Even though pugs are known for having friendly attitudes, they can be hard to train. This stubbornness comes from the fact that they are independent and easily sidetracked. You can get past these problems and train your pug successfully if you use the proper methods and are patient.

FAQs On Pug Potty Training Made Easy

When Can I Start Taking My Pug To The Bathroom Outside?

Teaching a pug how to use the bathroom outside might take a few weeks and months. It depends on how often you train your pug, how old they are, and how they act. Remember how vital waiting is.

Is It Hard To Teach A Pug How To Use The Bathroom?

Because they are stubborn, pugs can be harder to dog-train than other breeds. But it is possible to toilet-train your pug if you follow the proper steps and have a positive attitude.

How Many Times A Day Do Pugs Go To The Bathroom?

One to four times a day is about how often pugs poop. But each person may be different based on what they eat and how active they are. Please pay attention to how your pug acts to determine its needs.

How Long Do Pugs Sleep?

Pugs love to sleep and can often stay asleep all night. But puppies may need to go outside more often, so be ready for nighttime trips to the bathroom in the beginning stages of (indoor) potty training.

Last Words of Advice

It can be easy to train your pug to go to the bathroom outside if you take the proper steps, are patient, and are consistent. Remember that every pug is different, so the time it takes to train them will also be extra. Enjoy your pug’s wins, and don’t let rare failures get you down. You’ll have a happy, well-trained pug and a clean home for both of you to enjoy after some time and work.

Training your pug to use the bathroom outside can be fun and help you bond with your four-legged friend. Being consistent is the key to success, so it’s essential to stick with it. Here are some more tips to help your pug learn to use the bathroom outside without any problems:

  • Socialization: Teach your pug to behave around people and other dogs correctly. This might help lower stress and mistakes due to fear or excitement.
  • Routine Grooming: Make sure your pug’s fur is clean and dry. They may have accidents inside more often if their paws are wet or dirty.
  • Vet Check: Check with your vet to ensure your pug is healthy. Some health problems can make it hard for them to control their pee. If there is a problem, you should talk to your doctor.
  • Use an enzyme cleaner: If you have an accident inside, use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate smells. Ordinary cleaners for the house need to work better.
  • Never Punish: As we already said, you should never scold or punish your pug for mistakes. Fear and worry can come from this, which makes potty training even harder.

You’ll be ready to start potty training your pug with these extra tips and the main strategies we already talked about. Remember that each pug is different, and the process could take a while. You and your pug will have a clean and peaceful home if you are patient, steady, and cheerful. Please comment below if you know anything else about the Pug potty training.