Having trouble getting your pup to eat? Fret not!

Discover yummy add-ins to turn that dry dog kibble into a feast!

What Can You Add to Dry Dog Food to Get Dog to Eat: Tasty Tips!

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Why Your Dog May Not Like Dry Food

Some dogs just don’t find dry food fun.

It could be less smelly than wet food.

Or maybe, your dog wants a different texture.

Good news! You can fix this with some easy tricks.

Safe and Yummy Add-Ins for Dry Dog Food

1. Make It Wet With Broths

Adding chicken, beef, or vegetable broth can help.

Broths make the food moist and full of flavor.

Just be sure to pick broths with no onions or garlic.

2. Spoon In Some Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin is a superfood for dogs. It aids digestion too.

Make sure to use pure pumpkin puree, not pie filling.

A little goes a long way to make dinner delicious.

3. Mix In A Bit Of Yogurt

Plain yogurt is a healthy treat for dogs.

It adds a creamy taste and is good for the gut.

Don’t use yogurt with added sugar or flavors, okay?

4. Blend In Fresh Fruits

Many dogs love fruits like blueberries or sliced apples.

They are healthy and add a sweet touch to dry food.

Remember, no grapes or raisins as they are harmful to dogs.

5. Crumble In Cooked Egg

Eggs are full of good stuff for your dog’s coat and health.

Scrambled or boiled, eggs make kibble extra tasty.

Just make sure they’re cooked and not raw!

6. Add Some Vegetables

Chopped carrots or green beans are good choices.

They add crunch and vitamins to the dog’s meal.

Always cut them into small pieces to avoid choking.

7. Sprinkle Some Cheese

A bit of cheese can make dry food more appealing.

Choose low-fat cheeses, like mozzarella or cottage cheese.

But just a sprinkle! Too much isn’t good for dogs.

8. Mix In Lean Meats

Clean, cooked meats like chicken are great for dogs.

It makes the dry food smell and taste better.

But be sure there are no bones or heavy spices.

Tips for Serving

Let’s cover some tips to serve these tasty add-ins!

  • Keep it Cool: Always let hot foods cool down.
  • Mix It Up: Stir in the add-ins properly.
  • Right Portions: Don’t overdo it. A little is enough.
  • Safe Storage: Keep homemade broths in the fridge.

These tips help keep mealtime safe and yummy.

What Can You Add to Dry Dog Food to Get Dog to Eat: Tasty Tips!

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FAQs on What Can You Add To Dry Dog Food To Get Dog To Eat

What Health Benefits Does Adding To Dry Dog Food Offer?

Adding wet ingredients to dry dog food can increase hydration, enhance flavor, and provide essential nutrients, encouraging a balanced diet and aiding in overall dog health.

How Can Wet Ingredients Boost Dry Dog Food Flavor?

Mixing in wet ingredients like broth or canned pumpkin can significantly enhance the taste of dry dog food, making it more appealing to picky eaters.

Is Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food Safe For Dogs?

Absolutely! Combining wet and dry dog food is safe and can improve your dog’s eating experience, as long as the combined food meets their nutritional needs.

What Should You Not Mix With Dry Dog Food?

Avoid adding foods high in fat, sugar, or harmful to dogs, such as chocolate, grapes, or onions, as these can be toxic and promote unhealthy weight gain.


Getting your dog to love dry food can be easy.

With these simple add-ins, your dog will be happy at mealtime.

Try one or mix a few to find what your dog loves best.