Training your dog at home can be fun for you and your four-legged friend. Not only does it make you and your dog closer, but it also makes sure your dog acts well in different settings. This complete guide will show you how to teach your dog the most critical training rules at home. 

From simple directions like “Watch me” to more complicated ones like “Stay” and “Take it,” you’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to make your dog a well-mannered friend.

How To Teach Your Dog The Most Important Skills

Look At Me

“Watch me” is a fundamental order that assists you to connect with your dog and get his attention. Hold a treat close to your eyes to teach this order.

  • Say, “Look at me,” and wait until your dog looks at you.
  • Appreciate and praise your pet when they look at you.


It’s essential for your dog’s safety and training to learn how to lie down in order.

  • Put a treat on the ground in front of your dog’s nose.
  • Say “Down” as you put the treat on the floor.
  • Reward and compliment your dog when they lie down.


“Stay” is a significant order that ensures your dog stays in one place until you tell it to move.

  • Your dog needs to sit or lie down.
  • Hold your hand out in front of your dog like a stop sign.
  • Say “Stay” and move back a step.
  • Bring your dog back, and if it stays put, give it a treat.

Shake Up

This cute trick will make your dog even more attractive.

  • Hold out your hand and say, “Shake” to your dog.
  • Raise your dog’s paw gently and shake it.
  • Praise them and give them a treat.

No Noise

To stop your dog from barking, you must teach it to be quiet when you say so.

  • Say “Quiet” when your dog barks.
  • Wait until your dog stops barking, even if it’s just for a second.
  • Reward and compliment for being quiet.

Say Something

You can use this order to make your dog bark, which can sometimes be helpful.

  • Say, “Talk.”
  • Reward and praise your dog when it barks.


  • It’s a sweet way to bond with your dog to teach it to sit on your lap.
  • Put your hands on your lap and say, “Lap.”
  • Put your dog on your lap with care.
  • Reward and praise for being still and quiet.

Leash Up

Leash training is essential for safe walks and trips.

  • Connect the leash to the collar of your dog.
  • When you start to walk, stop if your dog pulls.
  • When the leash is loose, you can start walking again.
  • Reward and praise the dog for walking on the leash well.


This order tells your dog where to go to rest.

  • Show your dog where his bed or box is.
  • As they come in, say, “Bed.”
  • Reward and praise for obeying.

Get It

It’s important to teach your dog how to take things gently from your hand.

  • Put something in your hand.
  • Say “Take it” and hand it to them.
  • Give a reward and praise for being gentle.

Leave It

With the “Drop it” command, your dog will drop things when you tell it.

  • Show your dog a treat when it has something in its mouth.
  • Say “Drop it” and offer to do something fun.
  • Reward and praise for getting rid of the thing.


“Wait” teaches your dog to be calm in different scenarios.

  • Say “Wait” and make a stop sign with your hand.
  • Reward and thanks for being patient while waiting.

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FAQs On How To Teach Your Dog The Most Important Skills At Home

How Can I Teach My Dog To Behave On My Own?

You can train your dog independently, which can be a lot of fun. Start with simple orders and train your dog with patience and consistency. Consider taking your dog to a neighborhood training class or seeking help online.

What Are The Most Essential Parts Of Training A Dog?

Patience, stability, positive rewards (treats, praise). And clear communication is critical to teaching a dog. You’ll also need a leash, collar, and treats to train your dog.

What Is The Best Age To Train A Dog?

Dogs learn best between the ages of 8 weeks and six months. But dogs of any age can learn new tricks, though it may take older dogs more time and care.

Final Suggestions 

Training your dog at home is a fun adventure to help you and your pet friend grow closer. You can make sure your dog is well-behaved and fun to be around by giving it necessary orders like “Watch me,” “Stay,” “Shake,” and more.

Remember that training works best when you are consistent and patient. Whether you teach your dog basic manners or fun tricks, the time and work you put into training will pay off with a well-trained and happy dog. So, start immediately and enjoy having a well-behaved dog as a friend!